Some Bunny Wobbles with Deb & Vicki

Deb & Vicki

Some Bunny Wobbles with Deb & Vicki

Hidy Ho Teaspoon Fans,

Don’t you just love bunnies?!  They are so soft and so cute.  Well “Some Bunny Wobbles” is all about the cute little bunny outside the card as well as the cute surprise inside the card.  He’s Cute From Any Angle!!  So we’re going to show you the card from the inside out!

Some Bunny Wobbles he's cute from any angle

He wobbles – Cute From Any Angle


Small Wobbles

Some Bunny Wobbles he's cute from any angle

And here is the outside of the card.

Farmhouse Shiplap Background

Stitched Circles

Hugs Die Set

Check out this very short video to show you the mechanics of the wobble!  If you are viewing this from your email, click here to see the video.

Isn’t the Bunny Butt just adorable and it wobbles!

Some Bunny Wobbles he's cute from any angle

He’s so stinken cute!!

Some Bunny Wobbles he's cute from any angle

Hugs hugs hugs!!!!

This little set can be used for a lot of different occasions…new baby, Easter, birthday and more.  Add to that the dies used and you have an amazingly cute card.  I hope you got to watch the video.  

I’m sure everyone is a little nervous about what is happening in the world right now.  Prayers are with all of you!  Maybe we can go have a little fun and get our minds away from it…get out your stamps and craft away!!  Bless all of you, stay safe!!!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend a little of it with us.  We love having you join us for some craftiness!  FUN FUN FUN!!!!  Let us know if you have any questions.

~With a dollop and dash of fun and sass…

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