Snow Buddy: A Little Dash of Teaspoon of Fun with Deb & Vicki

Deb Valder

Snow Buddy: A Little Dash of Teaspoon of Fun with Deb & Vicki

Little Dash from Teaspoon of Fun

Hidy Ho Stampers,

Check this out, it’s our VERY FIRST “Little Dash” of Teaspoon of Fun. In addition to our larger cartons of creativity, we will periodically offer very limited numbers of smaller collections.  But don’t let the small size fool you –  these mini collections are still  packed with a dollop and dash of fun and sass.

So check out this adorable snow buddy set- just perfect for winter crafting! The possibilities of creating with this little guy and the coordinating sentiment are endless. Can you picture an adorable snowman Valentine?

At just $15 (shipping included) grab a couple –  one to keep and others to share with your favorite crafty friend ! But act fast –  our “Little Dashes” have a limited number available!  CLICK HERE to order yours today!

Isn’t this snow buddy adorable!!!!

Little Dash from a Teaspoon of Fun

Make sure you check out our very first Carton of Creativity also.  Click here to see the amazing project.

With a dollop and dash of fun and sass…


  1. Vicki
    January 22, 2019 at 10:46 pm


    • Deb & Vicki
      Deb & VickiReply
      January 30, 2019 at 10:17 am

      He’s a cutie patootie! He showed up at the right time of the year…SNOW TIME!

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