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Deb & Vicki

Life Is Sweet with Deb & Vicki

Hidy Ho Teaspoon Fans,

August 1st, 2020.  Do you believe it, it’s AUGUST 1st!  It is summer and sunshine and …. life is just so sweet!  It may not be what we are used to but remember to look at the things you can be thankful for!  Today, here in New York, it’s sunny and such a beautiful day.  In your neck of the woods it may not be so sunny today but that will make your next sunny day even sweeter!  So today’s card is just that…sweet and simple.  This is part of our NEW kit combo…

Life is Sweet with our newest Card Kit Combo for August found in the the Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe

Watermelon Card Kit Combo

Jewel Picker

This is our newest kit.  It’s only while supplies last.

Life is Sweet with our newest Card Kit Combo for August found in the the Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe

I think it’s the cutest set we’ve put together.  How fun!

Watermelon Die Hello Sweet Summer Kit from Teaspoon of Fun

This is the what the die looks like! There are FIVE pieces!!

Wait until you see what I’m going to be doing with it (out of the box!!!)

Are you getting antsy and need some lemonade?

Here are a few sets you may want to pair up with this combo, they go together so well. 

CLICK HERE to see the particulars for this card.

Ants Drink with Teaspoon of Fun Shop
Are you getting antsy and need some lemonade?

Ants Drink Up

Ant-i-stress with this cute ants attending a picnic card!

If you are loving this one, CLICK HERE to see the card details.

Ants Picnic with Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe
Ant You Sweet can be found in our Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe

And stay tuned for this one – you WON’T want to miss it!  :0)

Ant You Sweet with Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe

Happy August 1st.  Vicki and I hope we are bringing you some happiness and joy (and a few giggles too) with our creations.  It’s still a crazy time and not knowing what the future will hold!  But in the world of uncertainty, you can brighten someone’s day with a little card.  This one today will take you less than 10 minutes to make but will bring a day filled with joy to the one you send it to!  Go ahead….send one today!  We appreciate all of you!  Thank you!!!

Product Spotlight:

Ladybug Vacuum is for cleaning small messes.

Ladybug must have!

Make sure you watch the video.  If you are watching this through your email, click here to view!

This is one of our featured items in the shop today!  

~With a dollop and dash of fun and sass…

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