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Deb & Vicki

Learn to Watercolor with Blossom Border and Deb Valder

Hidy Ho Teaspoon Fans,

We so excited to share with you the BASIC Learn to Watercolor with Blossom Border.  This is a very basic class but will hopefully get you to jump into the watercoloring craze.  This is just the start!  We do local watercolor classes and they are loving it.  So let’s get started…

Using Blossom Border stamp set to learn to color.

This is one of our newest watercolor stamp sets.

Blossom Border Set

Isn’t this stunning?  Contrary to popular belief, it’s easy and a very fast card to put together.  We all have times when we need a fast card and this could be your answer.  We will be doing a lot more watercolor pieces, so stay tuned.  Check out all the products in these cards at the bottom of the post.

Using Blossom Border stamp set to learn to color.

Added to this card to make it stand out are our new Prills.  We have more we are adding to the store each day so keep checking back to see what we have added.  We also have complete sets!

Are you ready to get started?  Take a look at this video to show you the basics and how to get started!  If you are viewing this from your email, click here.

This is so easy to do.

Using Blossom Border stamp set to learn to color.

We made a border with ONE stamp – video shows you how to do this in one very easy step!

and we used a very versatile sentiment set called – Huggable

Using Blossom Border stamp set to learn to color.
Using Blossom Border stamp set to learn to color.

Simple Simple Simple!

Here we used a sentiment set that we just LOVE – Strength

and one of our FAVORITE rectangle dies called Scalloped Stitched Nesting Rectangle Dies

We love all the scalloped dies in our collection (ovals, circles, squares, rectangles) because they are so delicate and are a must have in a stampers collection!  :0)

Using Blossom Border stamp set to learn to color.

So with watercoloring, Prills, scalloped dies, awsome sayings…. you can start a whole new way of making cards.  We encourage you to give it a try.  YOU WILL LOVE IT we just know you will.  It does take practice but so do most things in life!  We get better as we do more!  Start with our basic box and expand along with us as you need to!  

Well that’s it for today but stay tuned!  We have a lot more up our sleeves for you.  Check back in the store daily as we are loading things in there regularly!  Thank you for taking a little part of your day to spend it with us!  We so appreciate all of you!  (((hugs)))

~With a dollop and dash of fun and sass…

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