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Deb & Vicki

Counting Sleeps Deal #11

Hidy Ho Teaspoon Fans,

December 11, 2020.  This December Deal of the Day is called “Counting Sleeps Deal #11” and it’s oh so cute.  We have a tradition in the Valder household, we always do some kind of countdown when we go to visit or when family comes to visit us and we are ALWAYS “counting how many sleeps” until the day arrives. 

For the month of December Vicki and I will be bringing you some joy in the form of FUN specials.  The deal will be offered in a limited quantity OR for a limited period of time.  When the time is up or the product is GONE, that’s it, it’s GONE!  So act fast!  All products for these offers are “in stock only”… no backorders, so when they are gone, they are gone. 

Let’s take a look at our “Counting Sleeps Deal #11”

Sleepy Bunny Wobble Combo

Graceful Stackers

Counting Sleeps Deal #11. All products can be Found in our Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe.

Sleepy Bunny Wobble Combo

Sleepy Bunny Stamp Set

Matinee Rectangle Layers

OR you could also use our Deal #11 Graceful Stackers (these are on deal today)  if you didn’t want to use the Matinee Rectangle.  Look how pretty and unique these are.

Counting Sleeps Deal #11. All products can be Found in our Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe.

Graceful Stackers

 I found this book by Jimmy Fallon and it just captured my heart!  I sent one to my grandbabies in South Dakota and we have one here for Ella.  We read them together yesterday!  Click here or on the picture if you’d like the details!  It just melts my heart!

Counting Sleeps Deal #11. All products can be Found in our Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe.

5 More Sleeps ’till Christmas

This is such an adorable stamp and this book follows along with it.  It would be so cute for Easter, a new baby or a great friend card or just missing your grandbabies.  So many possiblities!

Counting Sleeps Deal #11. All products can be Found in our Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe.

Matinee Retangle Layers  or Graceful Stackers

And our Indigo Eclipse Dream Drops

on his puff at the end of the stocking cap I added some White Blizzard!

The Indigo Eclipse drops are gorgeous.  The picture doesn’t do them justice.  It’s a holographic purple – GORGEOUS color.  Dream Drops are my favorite!  I also used I love Easter Paper Pack (not used for just Easter) but our NEWEST 6 x 6 paper pack called Blurry Flurries would also look amazing.

Counting Sleeps Deal #11. All products can be Found in our Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe.

I Love Easter 


Counting Sleeps Deal #11. All products can be Found in our Teaspoon of Fun Shoppe.

Blurry Flurries

This little tradition is priceless!  We have fun on both sides! It’s a tradition to start our “countdown”.  One time we sent them a puzzle (on the puzzle was a picture of nana and papa) and each day they put one more piece of the puzzle together – they didn’t know it was us until the puzzle was finished.  One Christmas they had a paper chain….you get the picture!  We always count how many more sleeps are away from our next visit.  Anyway, I loved sending this card to them!  Soooooooo much fun!  It’s exciting for everyone!  It’s making memories!!!

Thank you for letting me come into your home and spend a little crafty time with you!  It’s so much fun sharing what is such a passion.  Happy Crafting today!

Remember to share it, pin it, buy it and let us know what you think.  (((Hugs)))

Teaspoon of Fun Deal of the Day #11 – Counting Sleeps Deal #11!

Hurry to get yours before they are gone or the special is over!

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~With a dollop and dash of fun and sass…

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  1. Pamela Chwarzinski
    Pamela ChwarzinskiReply
    December 11, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    Hello ladies, I just wanted to tell you I love your site. I’ve only been a coust0mer for a few months…my first purchase was your ladybug vacuum (love it). You were a lifesaver this year. I didn’t realize the die I had purchased last year was bigger than a standard Christmas card. Then I watched a video where you were making a slimline card!!! My prayers were answered. ( and you saved me a lot of money as I had already purchased my supplies during the year. ) Thank you again and have a safe and merry Christmas.

    • Vicki Soni
      Vicki SoniReply
      December 11, 2020 at 10:25 pm

      Thank you, Pamela! Thanks for sharing your kind thoughts! We are thrilled that you found us and that the slimline card video was helpful. Thanks so much! We appreciate you and your support of our small business. Best wishes to you and yours for a safe and happy holiday season! Vicki and Deb

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