An Awesome Stencil Die Combo with Deb & Vicki

Deb & Vicki

An Awesome Stencil Die Combo with Deb & Vicki

Hidy Ho Teaspoon Fans,

Today’s cards are soooooo amazing, fast and fun to create! We used an awesome stencil die combo!  Take a look:

Garden Poppy Sidekick Frame and Stencil

Let’s take a look at just how these new stencils work!  If you are viewing this from your email, click here to view.

The video gives you quite a few tips and techniques for your piece of art.  Here are a few more samples with different stencils.

Nativity Scene Sidekick Frame and Stencil

Here is the Nativity stencil/die combo without using the stencil (make sure you watch the video).  We just paper-pieced the die cuts.  So cool!

Look at the details in this die – stitching and more!!

Holly Vine Sidekick Frame and Stencil

We used Distress Oxide Inks to color this one.

We used the Strength Stamp set for this one.

For this one we used our AMAZING Magical Shakers to color!

We hope you enjoyed our post today!  It’s so much fun using anything and everything the world has to offer!  What an amazing change!  Thank you for once again in believing in us and sticking with us!  (((Hugs)))  Stop back often and let us know if you need any help!

~With a dollop and dash of fun and sass…

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